WeCOACH Introduces New Member Benefits Partners Program

August 29, 2022 - WeCOACH has teamed up with numerous nationally renowned experts, consultants,
speakers and resources as part of a new Member Benefits Partners Program that will positively impact
and elevate our community of women coaches. WeCOACH has a long history of offering year-round
professional growth and leadership development programs for women coaches in all sports and
levels. This new Member Benefits Partners Program will enhance and add value to the many existing
benefits that come with a WeCOACH annual membership.

The Partners who comprise this initial program rollout are some of the most well-respected experts in
their respective fields–communication, mental health, DEI & belonging, leadership, program culture,
generational strategies, career mapping, personal branding, and more. Several Partners are former
coaches across multiple different sports who are now “coaching from a different sideline” by pouring
their knowledge and expertise into the current generation of coaches, administrators, and student-athletes.

Four Partners, Betsy Butterick (WCA Class #29), Anya Covington (WCA Class #47), Dr. Jen Fry (WCA Class
#1), and Molly Grisham (WCA Class #19), are WeCOACH-NCAA Women Coaches Academy Graduates
who continue to engage with and generously give back to our community through their current work as
national experts, speakers and consultants. Partner Celia Slater (WeCOACH co-founder & founder of
True North Sports) and Liz Masen (CEO & Client Director for Athlete Assessments), are some of the
longest-tenured administrators and program faculty, respectively, in the history of WeCOACH. And
longtime WeCOACH supporter, The United States Marine Corps, is also offering to enhance morale,
culture, and teamwork for women coaches and their teams through the USMC Influencer Program.

“Our WeCOACH Community is growing exponentially so we are incredibly appreciative and excited
about partnering with so many talented professionals who will help us advance our mission of increasing
and supporting women in coaching. These Partners will not only serve as presenters and faculty during
our upcoming programs and events, but through this partnership we are creating affordable
opportunities for our WeCOACH members to bring these Partners’ important work to their schools,
campuses, and communities,” said WeCOACH CEO, Vanessa Fuchs.

Member Benefits Partners:
• Amazing Gray Personal Styling - Angie Roberts
• Athlete Assessments - Liz Masen
• Butterick Coaching & Communications, LLC - Betsy Butterick
• Connection Counseling and Coaching - Lisa Auld
• HMW Sports, LLC - Helen Williams
• human2human, LLC – Anya Covington
• Jen Fry Talks, LLC - Dr. Jen Fry
• MB Sports Consulting - Matt Banker
• Influence, LLC - Molly Grisham
• Recreation Consulting, LLC - Dr. Gary T. Green
• Refuse 2 Lose Coaching - Tami Matheny
• Return On InclusionTM - Nevin Caple
• The R.E.C. Center - Megan Hankins-Maldonado
• True North Sports - Celia Slater
• U.S. Marine Corps Influencer Program
• Victory Educational Athletics - Jake Von Scherrer
• What Drives Winning - Becky Burleigh
• YBM Coaching Services, LLC - Yashica B. Martin

WeCOACH members will have opportunities to learn from and engage with each Partner during
upcoming events and programs. Partners are also offering their services, resources, toolkits, products,
and training modules at special discounted rates for WeCOACH members.

Fuchs added, “WeCOACH is putting the finishing touches on a newly developed strategic plan and our
top priority is providing a first-in-class experience and strong return on investment for WeCOACH
members. Through initiatives like this new Partners Program, we will continue to create a multitude of
affordable pathways to professional growth and leadership development for women in coaching.”
WeCOACH will announce additional Partners throughout the upcoming year. For more information
contact: admin@wecoachsports.org or visit: wecoachsports.org/membership/why-join.

Quotes from the WeCOACH Member Benefits Partners:

“Mental Health for athletes and coaches has always been important and as a mental health professional,
it is so great to partner with an organization like WeCOACH who is making mental health the priority in
the athletic community. With my background as a former college coach/athlete, I understand the
pressures that come with the job and want to provide a space for this community to feel understood
and heard.”
-Megan Hankins-Maldonado - The R.E.C. Center

“We are thrilled to join WeCOACH in partnership to help develop coaches of all sports at all levels. So
much of what determines success happens off the court or field. The work that WeCOACH does in
preparing coaches aligns with our passion to equip them with skills that will allow them to achieve
sustained excellence.”
-Helen Williams - HMW Sports, LLC

“I am so thrilled to be partnering with WeCOACH. I was part of the first Women Coaches Academy
cohort, and I know the power of this organization. I look forward to connecting with all of you, learning
together, and connecting in conversation.”
-Dr. Jen Fry - Jen Fry Talks, LLC

“When I attended the NCAA Women Coaches Academy in 2013, I experienced something wholly unique
and incredibly impactful—female coaches from all sports and all divisions coming together to learn and
grow. I loved my experience and the opportunity to partner with WeCOACH in support of elevating
coach communication is both an honor and privilege.”
-Betsy Butterick - Butterick Coaching and Communications, LLC

"We are excited to partner with WeCOACH. Coaches have the greatest impact on the day-to-day
experiences of student-athletes and this collaboration presents a unique learning opportunity for
women coaches to lead inclusively across social and cultural differences. Through this partnership, ROI
will strengthen its commitment to developing inclusive leaders at all levels of sport."
-Nevin Caple - Return On InclusionTM

“We are excited to partner with WeCOACH and offer their members tools and resources, and facilitators
available in our Coach Development Academy. We believe in the mission of WeCOACH and know the
value of positive female role models coaching at all levels.”
-Celia Slater - True North Sports

“Amazing Gray Personal Styling is thrilled to partner with WeCOACH! Personal Style is much more than
outfit creation but a unique expression of who you are and how you want to be perceived. My expertise
working with women in leadership to create their personal brand is the perfect fit for the WeCOACH
-Angie Roberts - Amazing Gray Personal Styling

“Athlete Assessments is thrilled to be continuing our long-standing relationship with WeCOACH. Our
whole team is extremely passionate about providing opportunities for women in sport, and we look
forward to continuing to support WeCOACH members through this program.”
-Liz Masen - Athlete Assessments

“I am so excited to partner with WeCOACH and be aligned with and continue to support strong women.
I am fortunate to have had great mentors along the way, both male and female, and I know how
important it is for the next generation of women leaders and coaches to be able to have strong female
role models and I'm honored to be a part of that.”
-Lisa Auld – Connection Counseling and Coaching

“I am excited to partner with WeCOACH and support its member coaches in their career pursuits and to
serve as a professional resource on key topics including NIL, eligibility, recruiting, and the scholarship
process that impacts college and youth sports. Thank you for this opportunity.”
-Matt Banker - MB Sports Consulting

“Growing up, I found confidence in myself through being an athlete. It gave me an outlet, work ethic,
and a drive to believe I could change my circumstances. This partnership with WeCOACH brings
together my love of sport and intentional self-development. If you are ready to level up in life and
career, it is time to stop talking and start doing.”
-Yashica B. Martin - YBM Coaching Services, LLC

“The impact WeCOACH has on sports and female coaches is immeasurable. I am excited to be partnering
with them and providing resources for the mental game.”
-Tami Matheny - Refuse 2 Lose Coaching

"I believe that teams don't grow apart, they die apart and I am excited to share my expertise with the
WeCOACH community. The reality is, healthier teams lead to happier humans, and happier humans lead
to high-performing teams. Let's work together to develop high-performing teams!"
-Molly Grisham – Influence, LLC

“It’s an honor to partner with WeCOACH and support the forward movement of advocacy and building
strong, supported humans that happened to coach. As we navigate healing our individual souls which
heals the whole, we provide B. R. A. V. E. spaces of belonging to help team building, inclusion and
ultimately Equity to emerge. We’re ready to get to work and meet you were you’re at. Blessings!”
-Anya B. Covington – human2human, LLC

“The Educational AD Podcast and Victory Educational Athletics are very excited and proud to partner
with WeCOACH! As we enter the next 50 years of Title IX, we want to continue to promote current
leaders in athletic administration while also mentoring the next generation! Together with WeCOACH,
we are very much looking forward to the future.”
-Jake von Scherrer- Victory Educational Athletics

Founded in 2011, WeCOACH is a one-of-a-kind nonprofit dedicated to recruiting, advancing, and
retaining women coaches in all sports and levels through year-round professional growth & leadership
development programs. Prior to Title IX, over 90% of women’s collegiate sports teams were coached by
women. Today, 50 years later, data indicates that number has decreased to a stagnant 43% in Division I
(41% in all three NCAA Divisions), with only 7.3% women coaches of color. A dearth 5% women coach
men's teams, and at the youth level, the data is hard to estimate (approx. <20% of teams are coached by
women). As part of its year-long Title IX 50th Anniversary campaign, WeCOACH launched MOVE the
NUMBERS to help change the landscape for women coaches and to impact history for the next 50
years. For more information visit wecoachsports.org/50th